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single/ three-phase diesel generating set
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    GF2 generating sets are coupled with the well-known brand throughout the world according with the various range of the power, 100-150kW is coupled with VOLVO diesel engine. In the high power, it is coupled with CUMMINS diesel engine . We can design for consumer user requirement.

    This gen-sets series has been extensively untilized as a standby power supply post and telecommunication institutes, banks ,stock exchange centers, hospitals , hotels , commercial buidings , and factories .It can also be applied as a prime power supply for ships , and armies , as well as highway construction and other wild rugged environment.

    Main Usage
    1.Power source for lighting in towns or counstryside, and for operating everyday electric apparatus such as TV,air conditioners ,coolers, cookers,refrigerators and washing machines ,etc.
    2.Power source for lighting in open air working places and for running such machines as drillers , electric motors,grinders,water pumps ,ect.
    3.Stand by power source for the main ciruit of hospital ,bank ,large buldings , broadcast stations and TV car, etc.

    Operating Conditions
    Ambient temperature:15°C≤0≤40°C
    Above sealvel:not exceed 1000m
    Rated voltage :±5%


  • GF2 SERIES (PDF|-105.0KB)

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